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Dearest wellness is a pioneer brand in its chosen industry. It carefully directs its affairs in order to be the constant market leader, comprehensively assisting clientelle to address their corporate wellness strategyWith reliability and diligence, dearestwellness works to portray a truly friendly, innovative, and professional brand.

Having a corporate wellness strategy which creates a workplace environment that supports healthy living will have a direct effect on a company’s bottom line. A healthy workforce will result in increased productivity, higher staff retention and lower costs due to fewer staff absences from sickness or work-based injuries.

Staying healthy is a moment-to-moment choice and shouldn’t be something that employees only focus on outside of working hours. A corporate wellness strategy will inspire, empower and increase the morale of the team. Adopting a corporate wellness program will add value to the company as a whole, creating a business where everyone benefits. 


Either as CEOs or Managers we have in my opinion, the right and the responsibility to hand our business to the next generation in a better place than where the previous handed it to us. We also have the knowledge that it is our work and that of our people that will make us succeed. We invest daily so that our people can perform and investing more in health ought to be a continuous strategy as probably, nothing could be missed more.

These are the digital pages of dearestwellness. Whilst here you can get a glimpse of the brand and what it can do for you. If you see the brand according well with your thoughts, the options in the contact section are at your disposal to discuss in detail how working together, could be of assistance to you and your business.

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George Ioannou

Managing Director

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