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Consutancy services on management of corporate wellness

At dearest wellness we believe that an organisation interested in corporate wellness should first assess & position itself on the matter. Look into the organisational factors relevant and analyse how such a strategy fits with current practices and the corporate culture. Then, use this feedback as a benchmark, set the targets and proceed in embracing corporate wellness.

Currently through ‘embrace by dw’ and other similar products in the future, we assist our clientelle in embarking on the journey toward a thorough corporate wellness strategy. For those who do have wellness in place, we assist in the revisit and repositioning. Please read more about embrace our comprehensive instrument to corporate wellness strategy.


Corporate wellness applications

Dearest Wellness is involved in the design, implementation, administration, monitoring and evaluation of a large number of corporate wellness applications. These are primarily bespoke as no two businesses share the same dna and. Through in depth analysis and methodology we assist in the adoption of those appropriate tactics, yielding sufficient positive return. The portfolio of applications is both large and diversive as well as exciting and inspiring. 


Do contact us for a consultation meeting to discuss your particular thoughts and a thorough analysis of both embrace and our range of application programmes. The operation, the logistics and the economics will be presented to you in clear steps, introducing you well into dearest wellness philosophy!

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