Embrace by dw


"Embrace" is a comprehensive instrument to corporate wellness strategy. It presents in a diligent manner those stages that need to be addressed and continues further with a complete illustration of the entirety of the actual executable working programs.


The instument consists of modules within which the critical success factors have been identified and grouped in sub-modules. In turn, each sub-module has its own thorough library of executable working programs, to ensure that management thoroughly considers, addresses and tackles each and every one of them.


Working with ‘embrace’ delivers such a final product as to give true benefit to the employee and the business. From beginning to end with astute design it is a tool that promotes assurance, inspires confidence and motivates every party involved in this strategic process. ‘embrace’ covers the matters that matter, ignorance of which would jeopardise both the process of corporate wellness strategy and its very results.


With 3 modules, 20 sub-modules, an extensive array of working programs and architecture to track progress and completion, this instrument is an own piece of work compiled exclusively by and for dearest wellness. It envisages to be a valuable tool in the hands of management whose responisiblity is to design or re-position their organisation’s corporate wellness strategy.


In addition, utilising the wealth of programs it contains, the management will find this instrument a constant point of reference during monitoring and evaluation practice, which forms an integral part of the business’ total corporate wellness strategy.