Q&A on Corporate Wellness


What is corporate wellness?

Corporate Wellness is an ongoing HR strategy. A continuous effort embedded in the business's culture aiming at improving the workforce's health and life style. Offered by the employer to the employee at the workplace, corporate wellness is any activity, organisational operating policy and standing instruction that aims at educating, guiding and mentoring the employee toward adopting a healthier approach to life. 


What are the benefits to the employee?

  • A solid realisation that one’s behaviour has a significant impact on life, directing to the adoption of healthful habits and avoidance of destructive habits.
  • A personal fullfilment from one’s job and the opening of the mind to new ideas, skills and experiences that can be applied to personal and business decisions.
  • An increased ability to relate with other people including family and co-workers.
  • The development of compatible and consistet values and actions to realize a common purpose.
  • An increased ability to identify and address stress, fear, anger, hope and happyness.
  • A recognition of our own responsibility to the environment and how make a positive impact
  • An ability to maintain such a quality of life that allows one to get through a busy day without undue fatigue or physical stress.


What are the benefits for the employer?

  • A positive return on the capital employed.
  • A workforce who understands the importance of wellness and practically adopts a healthier lifestyle.
  • A workforce with Increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and increased presenteeism.
  • A workforce who is grateful to the employer for caring and professionally leading the way to a healtheir lifestyle.
  • A workforce with increased morale and loyalty.
  • A workforce which realises its own potential.
  • An enhancement in the perception as a professional who solidly thinks and implements long term strategies pertaining to human capital.
  • A solid demonstration of ‘social responsibility’.
  • A pionner approach in human capital management via new trends of innovative, professional, long term benefits.

How to do it best?

As part of a continuous HR strategy in an excellent fit with other core strategies of the organisation.

Where does corporate wellness lead?

Succeeding in its very own set of objectives, this strategy puts its own value and distinct contribution to the business' overall success. A company depends on its people's creativity, productivity, skills and effectiveness. A healthier workforce will offer these in abundance. A healthier workforce will help achieve more. Its all about business and its all about investing in people's primary needs. Invest in health, get to success.